Ханна "Зефир" Сольон

Летающая, неуловимая террористка


Somewhere in the high misty mountains hides Hana “Zephyr" Soliogn, an eladrin who fled to Risur after she escaped the rich Danoran family who had kept her as a trophy for over a century. Upon leaving the dead magic zone of Danor, Soliogn discovered an exceedingly rare
talent for innately controlling winds and weather, which earned her the name Zephyr.

She enjoyed a brief celebrity upon arriving in Flint a year ago, but almost immediately withdrew into the wilderness and began recruiting followers among those opposed to the influx of industry. Law enforcement officials believe she’s trying to punish Danor by proxy, and in the past several months hundreds of acts of sabotage on factories and steamships have been linked to her. In one incident, Zephyr was caught in the act of assassination a sleeping industrialist, but she managed to fly away and avoid capture.


Ханна "Зефир" Сольон

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