Помощник Инспектора Стовер Дефт

Хромой и странный зам начальника КСС Флинта


Saxby’s role as director often has her dealing with bureaucrats and nobles, and while she officially is also the Chief Inspector, she leaves most affairs of investigations to Assistant Chief Inspector Stover Delft, who oversees four units of constables and coordinates their activities.

A local Flinter in his early 40s, Delft gets squinty and condescending when his authority is questioned, but he can recognize talent and good work. Since his days as a constable himself, Delft served a vital rolehandling logistics, though in the past few years he’s acquired a modicum of leadership skill. He often expresses pride for three of his old underlings who went on to head spy cells overseas.

Delft chews leaf of Nicodemus, and thinks he looks charming if he grins while sucking the juices. He walks with a cane. He has a habit of poking inanimate objects with the cane before he gets too close to them, and spitting on them when he wants to be extra sure.


Помощник Инспектора Стовер Дефт

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